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Thread: Butchery course in scotland

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    Butchery course in scotland

    I would like to know if anybody knows of a butchery course running in scotland? Myself and a friend would be very interested.

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    I would be interested in this course as well and may be able get someone else along. If a couple more are interested it may prompt someone to set up a course. Let me know if you hear of anything.

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    Contact Andrew at the Store Company in Foveran just a few miles from you - he runs butchery courses. tell him David recommended him!

    Admin: I have no fiduciary connections with the Store Company at all - they are however great supporters of countrysports and the rural way of life.

    Edit: just looked at your profile I see you are in Newburgh, Fife not Newburgh, Aberdeenshire - maybe a bit of a trip!

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