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Thread: Isuzu D Max

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    Isuzu D Max

    I had a look at the new DMax at the weekend, drove quite well and on paper seems pretty good, backed up by a 5 year 125K warranty too, does anyone have any experience of them?

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    One of our picker ups got a brand new one a couple of weeks ago compleat with a set of all terrain tires ! He was the only car to get stuck on the Friday then again on the saturday ! Rangerover sport with big road tyres drove past him

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    My mate got one a couple of weeks ago. Been out lamping in it a couple of times, seems ok, went everywhere we needed to go. It's no Hilux but seems good value for money.

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    Pick mine up this friday , got rid of my disco 3 due to the fact it kept getting bogged down and the wife complained about that horrible smell and fuel consumption ....... time will tell .

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