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Thread: cost of boar

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    cost of boar

    just out of pure interest what would it cost to shoot a boar in the south west of england (please note i do not wish to purchase a days stalking) and how do you boys do it. is it stalking or is it all high seat work

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    i take it this is a taboo subject then

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    I don't know anything about the cost of wild boar in England but I have been going to Croati/Poland/Germany/Czech Republic for the last nine winters, four trips each winter, and pay 1500 Euros, all inclusive, for a five day trip of which three are shooting wild Boar.
    I normally shoot an average of three per trip, sometimes more, but very rarely draw a blank (or miss!!)
    Bearing in mind my trip includes air fare, full board, local gun/shooting permit and all travel at the other end I reckon it must be better value than can possibly be offered in UK at the moment.

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    Boar shooting in the UK is a classic case of supply and demand. The demand currently exceeds supply which means that those guides/estates lucky enough to be able to offer it can charge a lot. This means that you can certainly expect it to be on a par with the cost of shooting a good quality buck or stag.

    As boar become more widespread supply will start to meet demand and prices will come down, possibly eventually to the level of a normal accompanied stalk for a cull animal. Even if boar are allowed to proliferate it might take a decade to reach this point and a lot could happen to the boar population in the meantime if decisions are made for a more aggressive cull.

    I don't know current UK prices but if you were wanting a guided stalk in the UK you might have to part with £200 - £300 for a night either in a high seat or on the ground with a lamp.

    Looking through the latest Diana catalogue which landed this week I can see that they have several offerings in Europe that are cheaper on a per day basis, although obviously you have to commit to more than one day, and Diana are not the cheapest by any means.

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    thanks chaps for repling i thought this would be the case that there are just not enough boar in the uk to meat the demand to shot them and hence the price gets pushed up and up and having seen pics of the damage they can do i cant evr see wild boar being a common site in the uk

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    There is a chap who can sit you up in a high seat in the evening on a moonlit night and you take your chance.
    Think he charges £100, not sure about medal fees. Carcases will be extra if you wanted to buy them ( but not sure whether he'd let you as he is a gamedealer). He is based around Dorset/ Somerset border.

    Only downside is trying to get in touch with him, numerous calls by myself along with emails and calls from another friend have resulted in no response. He is a busy bloke but it gets annoying but i will keep on trying and hope to get a spot this winter.

    IanF has his details, a PM to him may be in order for more information.


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