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Thread: Blackislander 10" scratch less boots

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    Blackislander 10" scratch less boots

    219.95 including postage

    Anyone know of cheaper or have a very nearly new pair they don't require
    size 10.5

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    Noth Yorkshire(ish)....Other places in Scotland depending Which deer i'm after!
    swillington shooting supplies near leeds sell them cheaper, they also do different ones by Diotto who make the blackislanders. A word of advice is to buy a half size bigger because they are a little onthe tight side.



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    Had a pair now and with 3 years use they are still as new no complaints always had dry feet

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    Like my meindls but they ain't warm enough for my delicate feet
    swillingtons out of stock for 10.5 s

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    Calzaturificio DIOTTO - Calzature da caccia e da montagna, militari e pesca

    Had a couple of pairs of the non scratch boots and now have a pair of the above which I think are an improvement...

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    I'm onto my second pair of Black Islanders, the first pair leaked terribly within days. Hamish did replace them. The pair I now have I'm not convinced don't leak too. Would I have another pair - NO. Next purchase a pair of Seal Skinz socks


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    which model of highlanders

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    I would like the 10 1/2 " scratch less but would consider the others
    cheers Norma

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    I meant which model did ranger22 have probs with

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    As has been said already I wouldn't buy these boots they leak

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