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Thread: Whats this worth in the UK

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    Whats this worth in the UK

    There seems to be a big price on it... 3700 AUD..jayzuz!

    Calibre/Item: 404 Jeffrey
    Make: Churchill
    Model: Unknown
    Action: Bolt repeater
    Scope: Express sights
    Serial No: 78662
    Condition: Excellent
    Licence number:
    Comment: Beautifully maintained rifle. Excellent bore and blueing. Believed to have been made at Bury Street London between 1967 and 1976. Comes with dies, 75 once fired cases and 100 Woodleigh Projectiles. Barrel inscribed "Churchill (Gunmakers)Ltd,7 Bury Street,St James.London,England Calibre .404"
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    Only way to find out for sure is to see what it would make in an auction, but a churchill gun in excellent condition must be worth at least 2500+
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    the brass and bullets alone would probably set you back 500!

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    I hope you don't have to many fillings in your teeth LOL! my mate in SA shoots a custom build one and loves it. 400gr barnes at around 2300 fts.

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    No idea what it's worth in 404 as I presume there is a premium for specialist calibres, but you got me looking on and I found a cracking Churchill .30-06, very similar in design for 1250, details below... very nice looking traditional rifles...must be a bargain for someone as a stalking rifle (assuming it shoots straight!! )

    Churchill .30-06 Bolt Action second hand Rifle (R/H)
    Licence: Firearm, Barrel: 21", Stock: 14", Weight: 7lb.9oz.
    Origin: English
    Trigger: 1, Ejection: No, Serial #: 73394
    Price: 1,250 (S/H) @ US$2,022/€1,538

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    This is no more "Churchill" than the comedy dog that advertises insurance IF it dates from the 1970s as, by that time, Churchill was being used by Interarms aka Sam Cummings who also had earlier Cogswell and Harrison in the late 1950s.

    Sorry to disappoint but it is, no more nor less, than a bog standard Mauser action with the name "Churchill" on the barrel. That it appears to have stock American Williams front and rear sights gives the lie to it.

    What is it worth?

    It is worth what any other good, Mauser based, 404 in the same condition by say, Parker-Hale would be worth. It would be a fool that would seek to give it any sort of premium for the letters that happen to say "Churchill" on the barrel.

    A Holland and Holland, a Rigby or a Westley Richards IT IS NOT!

    The firm E J Churchill made excellent shot guns such as even in the 1970s the Regal and others. They were not and never were, to my recollection, makers of bespoke stalking rifles in their own right. It is a "badge engineered" product on behalf of Interarms just as the later Interarms Whitworth Rifle Company rifles were.

    No it is not worth that sort of money nor is the 30-06 on Guntrader not for the supposed name!
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    Excellent reply and thanks.
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    I would tend to agree with enfieldspares though would say that the current Churchill company do produce higher "quality" rifles based on Mauser actions from 15,000 upwards but these are of an entirely different standard to the basic rifle originally shown. The ammunition and cases may be worth a bit but I don't think as much as has been previously suggested.
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    You would be better sending it to me here in N.Z John, I will look after it for you . Very nice calibre indeed, I could always let T.P drool over it.
    And if you would like to know if it really a Churchill and what it is worth, I can give you the name and contact details of a couple of blokes at Churchills who can verify for you.
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