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Thread: barrel screw cut proof mark?

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    barrel screw cut proof mark?

    i recently brought an .243 which was screw cut by the gun shop i brought it form, i didnt notice at first but the is no proof mark on the barrel where it has been threaded. I was told that barrels needed re proof when they had been screw cut, is this correct or have i got it wrong

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    Have a read of the Jackson Rifles website to get a very good legal opinion on whether it is necessary or not to have a barrel re proofed after having it threaded. Is it possible that your rifle was threaded in the factory and thus covered by the initial proofing?
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    There is so much said about this subject its unreal.

    My opinion is that if they had it screw cut and charged you for that to be done and they said it had to be proofed, i would expect to see a proof mark,

    However, when i got my first 223 from a gun shop it was already screw cut, and there was no proof mark near the thread that had been cut into the barrel.

    so how do we stand.

    in a flipin mine field,/................i don't have the correct answer for you bud, but there will be a few more replies,

    but if i had been told by the shop selling the rifle that its 590 for the rifle and 100 more for it to be screw cut and proofed...................i would be pissed off if like you have NO proof marks to say its been done as they said it would,

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    My .223 was chopped and went to proof, no proof mark near threads just near action....guess it was near to knocking off time at the proof house

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    London Proof House do stamp the barrel near the thread, close enough that re-threading would remove the mark.
    New rifles that come threaded from the factory will not be marked if they come from CIP member countries.
    If it's a new gun from a non member country it should be marked at receiver and end of barrel.
    That said, it doesn't mean it will be marked at barrel because importers will have it threaded and say nowt.


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    I would be somewhat peeved if my shiney new screw cut barrel came back with a bloody hammer mark near the threads!!

    if the RFD you bought it from had it screw cut and did not get it proofed the liability for a failure as a result of the work lies with him. (on that basis ALL Border barrel screw cuts are proofed).
    If he didn't then he has limited liability

    if you take your rifle in to be screw cut and request no proof no sale has taken place and your request brings some indemnity to the gunsmith.
    If you sell a non-proofed screwcut rifle to someone else and the thing does a banana split expect some liability.

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    The gunshop at barnet was taken to court about the fact it did not feel that threading a barrel had any effect on the proofing.The gunshop won the case so surely if anyone ever tried to prosecute for selling a gun threaded without proof a precedent has already been set.You do not send a 30 year old gun to be proofed before you sell it just to check it is still in proof.This is the biggest load of crap and needs sorting out it is just costing gun owners silly money for something that is totally unnecessary

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    The proof act requires barrels to be re proofed if the "substance or strength" of the material is reduced so far as not to represent the current proof mark on the barrel.

    If you thread a barrel how do you know if it will fail and lead to being sued, but if your sure your engineering is that good and the barrel metal is sound and carries no flaws that could have been upset in the threading then you could just thread it without submission to proof but beware a claim if a failure occurred after threading. Would an insurance company support the dealer?

    it is also an iffence to sell an unproven firearm

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    Surely if a barrel is threaded then used with a moderator on, then the end that has has steel taken off has a bigger bit put on when the mod is fitted so how has threading weakened the barrel.
    The same applies when used without a mod and a thread protector in place

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    Er a piece of metal screwed over the thread doesnt necessarily help keep the pressure in or a failure in the metal from fracturing. Once that starts the thread protector or mod is likely to crack and be thrown off as well.

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