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Thread: Rusty rifle - help !

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    Rusty rifle - help !

    I've got an old steyr .243 , and despite me always putting it away dry and well oiled , it keeps getting little rust spots , the cabinets not damp I keep my other guns in there with no problems and I have various vp90 and silca gel sachets in there !

    Any help greatly appreciated

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    Try wiping it over with Rangoon oil (you can get in most gunshops) or other barrier oil. Not easily removed by contact and sets up a bit of a barrier. Some light oils evaporate leaving the surface unprotected. Alternatively polish the outside of the barrels with a wax polish - haven't done so myself but believe it works.

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    Light film of WD40 before stowing away.

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    put a small heater in the cabinet.

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    Not sure about WD 40. I know its a great product, but I heard of a guy who's chokes were stuck tight in his shotgun barrels ... was told to soak them overnight stood in WD40 to release them ...... the following day he removed the barrels from the container to find the blueing have gone ! ( true or untrue ? I decided not to try it on any of my guns )

    A rag soaked in a good oil and a rub could be enough to remove small amouts of rust and good oil will stay and protect the surface fine. Alan

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    I would not use wd 40 on a rifle other than the clean it then wipe it off, it evaporates and leaves the then cleaner surface open to problems.(it also can damage plastic components)

    as mentioned a good quality gun oil and you should be sorted,

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    wax will help ,but before you rub it on ,try stripping of the woodwork and boiling a few kettles of water and pour it over the barrel rubbing it with a cloth to remove acid from handling ,then rub the wax on whilst the barrel is still hot .Years back i saw four shotguns that had rust patches about ten ins up from the barrel end all had been used walking up through crops that had been sprayed weeks before ,and had to be re blacked .

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    I was always told that good steel rust easily.your cabinate must attract dampness from the atmosphere a low wattage heater to raise the temp above dew point will cure the problem a friend of mine had a similer problem and cured it by putting a low watt light bulb in the cabinate a small hole to get the cable in should not breach security of it.

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    I would, take the rifle out of the stock, wash the complete rifle with hot soap water inside and out, then rinse.
    Blow dry and flush the rifle with wd40, also patch with wd40. Rub dry and oil with a gun oil.
    We often do this treament to get rid of waxes and PVA release agents from rifles after bedding. Does no harm
    but might remove some acids from the surface...wherever they come from.

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    Try getting off anything on it that may be causing a problem - a wipe over with something like brake cleaner should do it.

    Then a good oil - Napier VP type is good should see you right. For an invisible finish then Tuf Cloth ( interest alert - we sell it ) works very well and last well.

    Cabinet ( security aside ) aren't ideal for storage as air flow is poor, construction encourages moisture and they are often in clod parts of the house. Worth - with due security consideration - giving them a good airing every so often and retreat with VP type protector.
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