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Thread: SP Moderator review

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    SP Moderator review

    First off, apologies to Colin for the short delay in posting this up.

    A number of you will have seen the various posts by Colin regards his line of moderators. Following some lengthy chats last year he kindly sent me one of their products to try out. That we did; and many things about it impressed. Not least the build quality and finish was second to none - though personally not taken with the 'shiney' finish on the OLC lettering on it.

    However, issue for us was the size and weight. I reported back to Colin and returned the moderator - we spoke at length on the review and his parting words were 'leave it with me' - yeah right!

    A number of weeks passed and to be honest I forgot about it; when the chirpy chap is back on the phone saying he thinks they've cracked it and a suitably redesigned version was on its way. Whilst we all tend to like the sound of our own voice, it's still nice to have a manufacturer actually listen, take on what's said and care enough about what they do to act on it - there are precious few of those about.

    New moderator duly arrived, threaded up to fit our 243 Howa and dimensioned specifically for it. This wasnt a re-hash of the earlier one, this was a new toy entirely. Weight and dimensions reduced significantly - our material test laboratory ( my kitchen, step- sons school ruler and the wife's kitchen scales ) swung into action - 420 gram, 38mm Diameter, 160 mm overall.

    Simply, it is beautifully made - the fit and finish is absolutely top notch, the threading is flawless and the feel is solid with a capital S. OLC has gone and now badged with SP - again in polished letters, but no issue really.

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    SP against Ase S5

    The S5 and SL5 are my usual working moderators because of a rock solid stainless build. The SP is a tighter package and if anything feels even more solid.

    I keep going on about this, but you really have to handle one to appreciate the build quality - I'm prepared to sound like a dork on this - but it is that good.

    Views on moderators seem to revolve around two key areas - weight and sound reduction. Weight is fairly factual and relatively easy to measure. There are lighter moderators, but for many of those there will be a trade off in terms of materials and construction. That's not all bad - very much horses for courses is my view. Sound reduction is where everyone falls out. Despite facts and figures and Decibel readings, how a moderator sounds varies from one ear to another and the circumstances. In 99% of cases the sonic boom from the bullet will far outweigh the muzzle report from a moderated rifle - as often will the bullet strike too.

    My hearing is pretty hopeless at the best of times, so not claiming any prowess on that front - so roped in several spare 'ears' for tests.

    The SP produces a very ear -comfortable report at the muzzle. The collective 'ears' concluded it sounded noticeably flatter than the S5, Maxim and Roedale we tried - not necessarily 'quieter' than some, but a flatter tone. Definitely no T8 ting!

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    SP next to S5

    Would I use one? Yes. I have the luxury of switching gear as required, but that aside this is a quality piece of engineering that delivers all that I personally need most of the time.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I understand pricing is competitive with most of the other top moderator choices, so this offers a very useful option for those looking for a solid all stainless construction and not least something manufactured wholly in the UK.

    We can supply and the model tested here is available if anyone wants to call and examine it up here - it will likely be with us at the Stalking Fair - and Colin maybe along as well. But if of interest, I'd recommend talking with Colin direct in the first instance to take best advantage of being able to talk direct with the maker.
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    Think picture file size just too big, second link seems to work. I'll work on it.
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    One less Charlie's mods are fab. And he'll make to your specs, small and light, big n'eavy, fat, thin......

    and yes, top quality too


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    I'd certainly be interested in hearing how it compares to my Jet-z, if it can match or beat that, it would certainly be on my shopping list given the lighter weight.

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    160mm long, is this muzzle mounted, or does some of the length come back over the barrel ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet 6 View Post
    160mm long, is this muzzle mounted, or does some of the length come back over the barrel ?

    However you want. He will make to order

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    Firstly many thanks to Andy for takingthe time and expending the effort to both test and then type the review, it is most rewarding when you get feedback like this.
    Secondly thanks to anyone above that backed up his comments, although I feel that my beer expenses at the British Shooting Show may now be going up considerably.
    We try hard to manufacture quality mods, we do not expect shooters to buy a product just because it is British and as such we rely on testing and feedback whether it is positive or negative in order to continue to improve.
    Our niche seems to be the stainless or stainless/aluminium hybrid units and we will never be able to compete with the weight of either titanium or mainly aluminium competition, what we can offer however is cost effective, high quality, custom built kit and we feel a customer service which is second to none....... time will tell.
    Finally Hornet 6.... we offer both muzzle mounting or reflex style, all welded or strippable, so the choice is yours.

    again thank you and safe shooting


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    Tried re loading the pics, but doesnt seem to make much difference - sorry guys.

    Didnt have chance to test head to head against the Jet-Z. All things standing regards perception of noise, I'd say the Jet-Z is quieter. On the version shown its 160mm forward of the muzzle.

    Colin did say whilst we discussed the design that there is scope to add an additional baffle - that would bring extra noise reduction. However, it was spec'd up to suit our circumstances - and weight reduction came over the noise aspect - which was more than fine for our needs.

    Beer expense account? Eh? You never mentioned that Colin!
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