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Thread: Reloading items

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    Reloading items

    Hi below is a list of items for sale that i no longer require that i have up for sale,

    RCBS Case trimmer 35 SOLD
    RCBS .25-06 Dies 20 (sold / steyr.308 / pending)
    RCBS powder Trickler 15 (sold / griffshrek / pending)
    Lee auto primer 10 SOLD
    RCBS Deburer 6 SOLD

    All items are used but in good condition, prices include Postage and Packing, any questions please contact me and I will do my best. Please PM me E-mail addresses for photos.

    Many Thanks.

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    reloading equipment

    pm sent

    regards pete

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    Hi Lordy
    PM sent


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    Hi Lordy,

    PM sent.



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    case trimmer

    Hi lordy,
    Many thank's trimmer arrived today.


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    Lordy - lube mat arrived today.



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    .25-06 RCBS Dies arrived today.


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    A tenner has been posted this morning for the primer.

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