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Thread: 2nd hand game larders

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    2nd hand game larders

    I am after a game larder, in which I can also process the meat in at the same time. I have found a couple of companies that make just the sort of thing I am after, however I thought I would put it to SD members also.
    Ideally I am after a unit set up to process game in. The unit would require all the usual equipment, table, sinks, shelving etc. Although doesn't need to be refrigerated as I have acces to a chiller already.
    I noticed there was one for sale on here a while back.
    If anybody has got any contacts, or ideas of where to look I would be most grateful.

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    I am in the process of buying a vehicle from SMH Products who are trade members on SD. You will see the advert on vehicles for sale where they are advertising some Navaras and L200s. Oli Smith is the contact. When I was talking to him he told me that they were converting some of their units to larder/chillers. It may be worth a call to Oli to see if he can help. You can either PM him or his mobile number is on the advert, which is now on page 3 or 4 of vehicles for sale.
    Good luck.

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