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Thread: 300wsm homeloads

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    Question 300wsm homeloads

    Started reloading for my tikka t3 300wsm made up five loads all with 150 graon spitzer nosler and reloader 19 and the third load shot a 0.318 group couldnt believe it didnt think it would be that easy.i seated the bullet well into the lands does anyone know of any problems with doing this and will it be ok to continue with these loads?
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    that's nice

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    Been getting similar groups with .300 wsm through a blaser
    62 grains of h414
    150 grain nosler ballistic tip

    lovely calibre
    Regards Andy

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    Thats a serious group well done.


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    This was with 66 grains of reloader 19 dont think I will get much better for a factory rifle. Will judt make a few loads of this up.

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