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Thread: 308 win Barnes 130grn TSX

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    308 win Barnes 130grn TSX

    Tried 130 grain Barnes TSX with AA 2460 in 308 win as per their data, I thought their listed velocity was optimistic at 3221 FPS, but b*gger me, by the time I reached the max load, the velocity peaked at 3360 FPS...

    My chrono might be a bit optimistic, but still !

    Who needs a 270

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    i have been considering these, have you tried them on deer?

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    I have a box of these ,just waiting to be made up i,m going to be using varget. I would be interested if anyone has used them on deer ,pretty much the same as Nosler bts i imagine . I would imagine a bit messy at those speeds . Brough

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    I am kinda hoping not the same as Nosler BT's.

    Barnes TTSX should be controlled expansion 100% weight retention, Noslers low expansion control 30 % weight retention and fragments all over the carcas. Partitions are better but I still have issues with fragments going through the carcas damaging it.

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    I use 120 grain TSX in my 6.5 X 55, great bullet, shot all deer except CWD

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    Will let you know how I get on with these they are the barnes tsx with the polymer tip 130gr in 308.

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    I've not shot anything with it yet. I'll post a report when I do, only just managed to get the load zeroed... Mine are the non-tipped version.

    I have however tried it at 200 yards, with it zeroed at 200, at 100 yards it was less than an inch high, so very flat shooting as expected.

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    I've been using barnes tsx's for the last couple of year in 308 and 6.5x55. i'm using the 130gr in 308 and shot every thing with it ie: foxes, muntjac, roe and fallow plus wallabies, thar and chamios in new zealand.

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    I have been using TSX in my 7mm rem mag for some time. Minimal meat damage on roe considering the velocity and amount of energy transfer. A great bullet. Seems accurate too. Please let us know how you get on with the 130g .308 versions with respect to accuracy and meat damage



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    I use TSX in my 6.5x55. They're certainly not like Nosler BTs! They rearely lose any weight at all. They open up well, shove a load of their energy into the target and then carry on through leaving a neat exit with lots of blood. A good choice when you could be shooting anything from Munties to Reds

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