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Thread: blaser rifle multi cal mag insert thing

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    blaser rifle multi cal mag insert thing

    is a very special blaser mag/stock insert. i purchased this (in error) to see if i could convert my old mag to this but it does not fit my steyr mag system. this is an insert that holds 4 rounds from the following calibres.
    5.56 x 57.
    7mm - 08 rem.
    .243.308 win and 6mm rem.

    please check before you buy if REALLY is what you need, 30 cash posted UK mainland only, and thats less 1/2 what i paid a year ago.




    thank you


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    hi lads.

    Ron has got first dibs,


    it would seem this is in fact a browning drop plate conversion thing and a mate has asked to see if it will work with his rifle,

    i will update the board as soon as i can

    thank you


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    item has now been sold to Ron (teckel)

    many thanks


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    Ron (teckel)

    funds here

    i will post it in the morning Ron

    thank you


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