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Thread: Wildcat Predator 8 Moderator Bargain

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    Wildcat Predator 8 Moderator Bargain

    As above mentioned I have a Wildcat Mod for sale, up to a .30cal with 14X1 & 15X1 thread,only fired less than 100rounds.
    Face to face or will send by RFD at cost. you must have slot on FAC. 110

    Thanks for looking,Tony
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bali View Post
    PM sent
    PM replied

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    That is cheap.

    If anyone is interested you can get new threaded sections and just swap them over. Fantastic feature (I have 2 of these)

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    PM Sent
    There's room for all Gods creatures ........... right next to the mash and gravy
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    Quote Originally Posted by phaedra View Post
    PM Sent
    PM replied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roebuck-308 View Post
    Pm also sent
    Sorry mate sold to phaedra

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    Ahh no problem , thanks for letting me know

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