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Thread: new rifle cracking buck

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    new rifle cracking buck

    hi lads
    i have been waiting a very long time for a 270 cal rifle and after waiting three months for a variation i was getting ready to forget about but then lady luck arrived in the form of my ticket back with my open 270 0n...

    as im not going to use this rifle that often i did not want to go over the top on the price so i kept in low

    i managed to find a BSA 270 up north and decided on that was the one

    here she is

    programs to take screenshots

    now for her first trip.

    before i had a play with it i really wanted to test the cal so after a few boxes of round and a good mess about i was happy to take her on a stalk..

    i arrived at the farm for 4 o'clock am and watch over a few fields

    a hour of that and nothing spotted a decided on a mooch and see if i came across anything.

    it was not long before a spotted a buck in the field and made my way over . but when i got there ! nothing he had vanished. i thought i would sit and weight 10 minuets in the hope he would pop out---30 minuets passed and still nothing. never mind i though i will carry on and take a look around.. i walked around the hedge to find him no more than 50 yards away
    he had not spotted me so i retreated behind the bush raised the gun to my sticks and sneaked back around the hedge. he was still there a littler further up.
    i waited for my shot and then the bang rang out like a bomb lol it must have woke up the country lol the deer was down

    i was over the moon wicked gun kicks like a donkey and a stunning first deer for it..

    he was looked over and sorted there and then. what a stunner


    free image hosting

    this is the finished head now hanging on the wall

    screen shot on windows

    now as much as i loved the rifle i new she could look a 100 times better so i went to work on her .. i have her a new Simmons wtc scope and a wood work make over. i now think hes is perfect just what i wanted i traditional safari looking rifle ..

    greenshot download

    screen shot on pc

    online photo storage

    image upload with preview

    thanks all andy

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    Nice one Andy and if yu want them antlers to look like they do on the live buck give them a wipe with a ragg with a little Boiled linseed oil on them It will also keep them looking great for years.

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    il give that a go i have never done it before i would guess it brings the shine back up??

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    looks like an Bruno 270 that I had and it kicked like a donkey to, eventually had to get a cheek pad to save ma good looks ... nice head ... some bang of it without a mod

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    your right but with that shot i didn't feel a thing i suppose it was the adrenalin... thanks andy

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    Very pretty head, even with nice pearling.
    I had a BSA CF2 in .243 as my first (English) deer rifle, served me well for many years, it cost 100 in 1988!
    Without teaching you to suck eggs I'd recommend trying a mod on the .270, they are fierce without them, I'm still deaf from my time using one when with the FC!

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    nice rifle and cracking buck I can't see from the pic but is that a set trigger model?, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooo leave it as it is its goergeous, atb wayne
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    here are a couple more pics the last was did not turn out very good...

    no mod is coming near it lol

    i no there a bit vicious but to be honest thats what drew me to them i wanted a old school stalking / boar rifle with some beef.. i love it

    tool to take screen snapshot


    image hosting software

    also a better pic of the head

    screenshot tools

    ​thanks andy

    online photo storage

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    Looks like a new rifle! You've done an excellent job there fella', well done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TotalNovice View Post
    Looks like a new rifle! You've done an excellent job there fella', well done!
    thank you very much

    just seen your local and in the process of joining your forum


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