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Thread: leica rangefinder sale or swap/part x

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    leica rangefinder sale or swap/part x

    LEICA LRF 1200 scan.

    LIKE NEW AND UP FOR SWAPS,with a cash adjustment if needed.

    I have for swaps a mint AND I MEAN MINT leica lrf 1200 scan rangefinder.

    red led display,(the one you can read in the dark,)

    with carry case and booklet, all are in top condition (see the photos).

    i have a set value on this and i will sell it if asked too.(pm me for a price if interested.)

    I am really after a scope for a new rifle and it needs to be of good quality and no more than 20 mag, 30/30 ret or fine mil-dot,

    the sale price is just 330+ shipping of your choice

    thank you


    PS: the marks on the rear are just my finger marks as i had just washed my hands, sorry.

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    Provisionally sold.

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    If the sale doesn't go through please let me know.

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