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Thread: Close encounters - Roe Doe and Red Stag

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    Close encounters - Roe Doe and Red Stag

    Well continuing blazing weather continues to hold off the rut here. However, there is still some reasonable activity.

    I'll skirt over Monday - a certain nameless ( It was Jackfish ) one spent the day scaring deer away only to then come on two on the steepest, most distant bank he could find. An admittedly excellent shot resulted in one of said stags coming to rest at the very bottom of said steep slope - I have a good picture of him but can't bring myself to expose the public to his very cheesy grin... nor reignite memories of that slope. Update - you can now see said photo on Jackfish's gallery!

    Tuesday and a new client arrives. He was an through and through sportsman and great company. The fact that he considerately dropped his stag on a nice flat area only a few hundred metres from a road end has no bearing on him immediately going on my Christmas card list four places above Jackfish..... er I mean the nameless one.

    A great day was had - including ' client facial expression of the year award' as this doe crossed a bare 3 metres from us whilst we were trying to get onto a stag failing miserably to round up half a dozen disinterested does below us!

    The picture doesnt really show how close she was - look dead centre of the picture.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    No luck getting onto the stag.

    And so the day went on. We ended up in fresh location on the other side of the forest and homing in on some occasional roars. I had a fairly good idea of the spot, but we had to tour out to come in with the wind right. The roaring ceased before we arrived.

    Settling into the trees we got set up, but I could ( respectfully ) detect a little skepticism on the client's part. Hence his surprise when a hind ran out in front of us 20 minutes later - hotly pursued by a nice 6 pointer. The pair never settled and no shot presented.

    We settled back to wait... 15 minutes later I whispered ' He's back'... 'No, not there, there'!

    The Stag had emerged 50 metres directly to our right, spotted something and was coming straight for us at a fair trot. Carefully getting the client repositioned the stag thankfully halted then walked slowly across our new front - perfect broad side at a later paced 14 yards. ( again camera doesnt convey just how close he was ). 3 seconds after the picture the shot broke taking him very nicely through the top of the heart.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Oct 2013 Stag Close Shot1.jpg 
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    One happy client. And all credit to him - exciting didnt begin to cover it, yet he saved it all up until after the shot - it took four attempts to co-ordinate a handshake

    I must add - no amount of CSI type analysis required - the shot was safe etc etc etc. The trees behind cover a steep bank etc etc.

    Some days in the forestry still available - pm if interested.
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    Excellent write up and pictures . Well done

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    Quote Originally Posted by provider View Post
    Excellent write up and pictures . Well done
    +1 really enjoyed it
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    Great photos Andy, good stuff.
    Hope you are all well.

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    Excellent photo's Andy, great work! Pity you held back on the best one! lol.
    It was a pleasure to stalk with you finally and I might just make my way up again next week if the missus lets me loose.

    Just a quick note guy's, anyone looking for quality woodland stalking at a good price, you won't go wrong with Moray Outfitting. Great location, great lads with a wealth of knowledge and the crack ain't too bad either!



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    Great photos Andy and as usual a write up that makes me smile.

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    Great pic of stalker and stag, by the look on his face, think the stag is saying ' ohhhh ****, that ain't no hind'


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    Cracking photos, thanks for posting

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    Bit of a side issue - but we stumbled across a rave review of the Canon Ixus 230HS. Can be got quite reasonably on Evil Bay etc. Dead simple to use but the image quality is first rate.

    Really compact and quick to use for pics or video - so we now all carry them; and its proving a good idea!
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    BASC Approved Trainer & Assessor. Cairngorm National Park Authority Approved Supplier. Supported by Sauer Arms
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    Nice write up Andy, I take it you were balanced on the "power band" to take that photo, which is excellent by the way (teeth gritted)

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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