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    New Rifle

    Hi All
    Finally managed to get myself a rifle,Tikka T3 lite (SH) moderator and scope fitted however I need some advice on which if any bipod to acquire the pro's and con's etc.

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    Harris swivel bipod. I prefer the 6-9" but height wise it is personal. Depends on the terrain you shoot.

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    +1 on Harris

    I use a 6-9" as I like to get as low as I can for stability, especially at the range

    I also have a 13-24" for when the crops are up a bit and I sit with my back to something solid, and the bipod at full extension
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    +2 HARRIS i use the small br -sw type for off the motor and 6-9, also the sitting up one, not cheap but i only paid out once for them

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    Thanks for the info good to get feedback on the different types available Cheers!

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    Welcome to the site,

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