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Thread: Delusional greens RE horse cull.

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    Delusional greens RE horse cull.

    Read on.. Quote from some green with no idea of the real world.... Q ""The stallions need to be gelded and they can treat the mares with a PZP infertility drug, and just manage the horses." EQ

    ​Well I have to say that WA is a MILLION square miles in size,thats 1.6 MILLION square if anyone like the dummy that said the above can come up with that crap they are doomed to be a dummy forever!
    Dont dither,take the shot!

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    I take it that Findus will be opening a factory in Western Australia sometime soon.....

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    I was at a seminar here a few years ago. Some well meaning bint suggested that the spread of an alien species (muntjac in this case) could be curbed by applying contraception to the females. I asked how she planned effecting this cunning plan, given how hard it can be to administer lead to the little brutes.

    ​Stunned silence.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    John send the meat our way for burgers, steak, mince

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