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Thread: Sika stags

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    Sika stags

    Me and my mate had a great day at the end of the stag season, ended up with 3 sika stags in a morning and evening session.

    What I was wondering was will the large stag be near a medal? He is my best stag to date but I'm unsure how to measure them, any help on how to do so would be greatly appreciated.

    The length of each antler is 53cm if that helps.

    ​Apologies for the late upload.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails sika1.jpg   sika2.jpg  

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    I would say yes Chris but would be interested to hear the views of others. Very nice stag.

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    Hope so Jon - thanks

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    He looks a good one for sure well done

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    cheers 375 mag

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    Lovely looking animal that!

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    i would say so , theres good legnth to the tines ,good legnth to the overal antler and a nice width between the antlers , looks like your on a winner there ,very nice !

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    Thanks for comments guys

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