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Thread: Chamber cleaning tool?

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    Chamber cleaning tool?

    I'm trying to find a decent chamber cleaning tool as I can't properly get in mine to give it a good clean on my Rem 700.

    I have seen seen this tool on the bay: 141006693478

    But is that a bit too aggressive and maybe only for a semi auto?

    Also I recal seeing a tool somewhere for cleaning the bolt lug recesses with a cotton roll type thing, anyone know what they are called?


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    You need something like this, Tipton Action Chamber Cleaning Tool Kit

    The swabs are also on Ebay, they're dental cotton rolls, • Dental Cotton Roll 300g Compact rolls, suitable for dental treatments 1 x 3 | eBay
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    Great thanks for the links mate.

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    dental cotton rolls, great tip
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    Pro shot action cleaning kit

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    Been covered before;


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