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Thread: Devon Deer website for sale.

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    Devon Deer website for sale

    Since I decided to cease offering guided deer stalking outings I can see little point in retaining my website so I am offering it for sale.
    When searching for deer stalking in Devon it is often the top result on page 1 of Google and so leads to many enquiries from the UK and abroad.

    During the past 12 months it has also gained me 2 more permissions within Devon.

    I update the site using Contribute software, but this is not included in the sale as I need it for my fishing site. So you can either purchase the software or get it transferred to a CMS system by a web designer. I am happy to modify the site with your details until you get this side of things sorted.

    I had no idea really what to charge but a couple of ex clients have suggested a minimum of 750 to take into consideration the original design fee, domain, hosting and the plain fact it is on page 1 of Google. I have had 2 separate enquiries recently asking whether I would consider selling the site, so if anyone else is interested you can bid for it in excess of 750 via pm
    I will on completion of the sale send out a bulk email to all my clients advising them the site has a new owner and supply them with your contact details.

    So for those of you seeking a new way of life or supplement your income this is money well spent and very quickly recouped. Couple this with taking out a Trade membership on here as I have done in the past and you will never look back!

    Devon Deer Management Services - deer stalking, deer hunting and deer control in south west England in Devon, UK.


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    Deer stalking and fly fishing opportunities in Devon

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    I just need to clarify something as a question has been asked, this does not come with any of my permissions.
    Deer stalking and fly fishing opportunities in Devon

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