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Thread: napier apex autoclick

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    napier apex autoclick

    Does anyone use the napier apex autoclick? if so what are your thoughts on it? I cant afford the luxury of feeding a 4x4 anymore and use my little corsa van so i'm thinking of getting an autoclick but before I purchase id like to see if folk think theyre worth having.


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    If you are handy in the workshop why not go to Homebase and get two lengths of square, hollow section, aluminium tubing; one to slide inside the other. Make a loop from round bar to fix to one end of the largest tube so that the loop locks into the latch on your tailgate. Then a bolt through the lower, narrower, section of tube to prevent the upper, wider section of tube from sliding down when deployed. If you give the loop attechement a little thought you will have somewhere to hang your gambrell from. It has worked for me on my X-Trail for years and costs about 10.

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    Very good idea. I was thinking about one but can't decide as it means extracting the deer right to your vehicle before working on it. Do I want to carry the extra weight that far depending on circumstances and if I do then will my car be in a place suitable for the purpose.

    Just a couple of my own thoughts that are stopping me getting one but the diy version looks a no brainer if you us it or not.

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