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Thread: sako quad

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    sako quad

    Hi there
    Just woundering what your throughts where on the sako quad.
    How accurate is it, and is it good value for money, im only looking at 2 different barrels
    Merry xmas

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    very good build spec,

    the rifle shoots well in both 22lr and 17 hmr. never had a hm2 or a 22wmr in the quad so can not comment,

    bolt is smooth as silk.

    but the only thing that put me off was the changing of the barrels, messing about with high scope mounts and a scope so that you can swap from 22 to 17 etc is a real pain in the bottom,

    other than that its not a bad rifle,




    i sold mine with both the 22/and 17 hmr barrels scope and mod etc etc and went and got a cz 22lr and cz 17 hmr,

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    I love my Quad and am so glad I didn't opt for one of the equally favoured alternatives. I don't use the utility of being able to change barrels, but am glad the option is there is desired/needed in the future. I was attracted primarily by the Sako reputation for quality and although more than half the price again of many of the alternatives, have been happy to pay that for that quality. Any of the alternatives will do just the same job and I wholly appreciate that it is simply the difference between a Mondeo and a 5-Series, but for me, I am happy and relieved I opted to pay the extra for the higher quality rifle. The appearance is appealing, the single stage trigger breaks evenly and crisply and the overall balance is outstanding, so much so, that even fully loaded with bipod and decent scope, freehand snapshots walking round for rabbits (up to 80 yards) are common place and I have rarely missed. I've gone through ~1,200 rounds since purchasing in April, and regret not one. The only decision I would change is opting to buy second hand rather than new as I've just had to change the barrel having been mislead that the rifle was only ~6-months old and having fired less than a few hundred rounds, when actually being 8-years old and the barrel being pretty much shot out. If you opt to buy, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


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    Thanks bob and tim,
    its really usefull info, im still weighing up my options, but im keen on getting one in the near future, think i might have it in .17hmr and .22wmr.
    many thanks

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    A pleasure Simon and personally I would go for .22LR and either .17 HMR (preferred) or .22 WMR since HMR and WMR are both high velocity and similar in applicable uses (the HMR will shoot slightly further and flatter, but will hit less hard than the WMR - ~150 yds typical max range for the HMR vs. ~120 yds for the WMR).

    Following a disastrous episode with a Ruger 10/22 earlier in the year, I'm still mulling over whether I want the fun and fast shooting but less accuracy of a semi (probably S&W MP15-22) or the greater accuracy of another Bolt Action (Sako Quad for sure), in .22 LR.

    The HMR gives me 120 (to 150 max) yds noisily, but with a pretty flat trajectory and the .22 near silent (with subsonics) up to ~80yds (to 100 max) albeit with a somewhat bendy trajectory. Between the two, most rimfire situations (for me at least) are covered.

    A friend purchase a .22 WMR at the same time as I purchased my .17 HMR Quad earlier this year. The sound of his WMR made my HMR sound like a popgun and whenever he lead round the fields, his first shot would clear the place of all signs of life into the foreseeable future. Fine if after Charlie, but extremely irritating when after a few bunnies for the pot. He has since traded in his WMR for a .22 LR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by simon1979 View Post
    Thanks bob and tim,
    its really usefull info, im still weighing up my options, but im keen on getting one in the near future, think i might have it in .17hmr and .22wmr.
    many thanks

    hi Simon,

    you are most welcome, the lad i sold mine too has just kept the 17hmr and loves it to bits, i think he still has the scope i sold to him still on the rifle, as said a cracking rifle and the built quality is great (like a mini cf rifle build wise)

    all the very best you you and i wish you well on this Christmas eve and my youngests Birthday,

    merry Christmas.

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    I have always got on well with my 22lr quad. No qualms about accuracy, the only annoyance is failure to extract unfired rounds.

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    thanks for your advice, aslways is a great help,
    merry christmas all

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    I have the quad now with 5 barrels
    I have 2 in .22lr one full length factory and one 14"

    .22lr is comically accurate, I use win subs
    .17M2 is a great round and my second choice of barrels
    .22WMR was my urban fox calibre of choice until I got a .222 and now not so much
    .17HMR did get a work out but its just in the middle of the WMR and M2 in terms of effectiveness on Rabbits or Foxes, we don't have any real game inbetween which is where I think they are probably more use

    the barrel changing thing is very effective IMO
    I went for quick release mounts and dedicated scopes for each barrel (not one of them is worth more than 50!)
    The scope mount options are the tricky bit.
    I had custom leupold bases slotted for 9-11mm dovetail which works a charm but is a long process and costly. Whilst the Leupold QR system is the best out their IMO a quicker fix would be to get a slide on Picatinny rail and use QRW mounts
    QR mounts remove the need for high mounts for barrel relief

    The extractor issue is only with .22lr unfired rounds and only because the claw needs to work on .22lr/M2 rim thickness AND HMR/WMR rim thickness, the lower freebore in the .22lr chamber and it is an easily solved problem.
    It actually doesnt happen with all ammo, some sticky waxy stuff like CCI segs are the worst IMO. Eley, RWS and Win Subs are fine. helps if you keep the chamber clean
    lots of DIY's on it including one by me on here i think
    slight reprofiling of the claw with a needle file or sandpaper, in fact the new ones have had this done from the factory

    I have use CZ#z and Anshutz and they are all fine but IMO the Quad feels like a rifle should, feels like a centrefire.

    I actually am on the lookout for another walnut stock so I can swap it for a friends as I plan on getting another action for a dedicated 12.5" barrel rabbit rig with built in LiIon battery pack in the stock and light, switch and wiring all profiled into the forend!

    Then I can used the other one for the switch barrel fun

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    Most interesting and helpful post bewsher (Happy Christmas by the way ).

    May I ask how close to zero you realise between scope changes?

    I've been considering a second quad to ensure each of my two desired calibres remains spot on zero (aside from usual causes of loss of zero). However, I can see how adding a weaver rail with quick release mounts for various scopes could prospectively work well (and save a lot of cash on a second action). However, much would depend on just how close to zero can be realised between barrel/scope changes.

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