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Thread: STUCK FAST ( chokes )

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    STUCK FAST ( chokes )


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    I am in no way an expert, but would getting the barrel hot then trying to remove the chokes help?

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    I have tried usual tricks soaking in oil/ wd choke key still wont turn

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    Dip the end of the barrel in boiling water, followed by a firm twist with a decent choke key.
    If that fails a good gunsmith is the best hope for removal without any damage.


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    Just seen another thread something simular about putting barrel in freezer , but chest freezer not deep enough i will keep trying if all fails its off to the shop. Doug

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    I would suggest keep trying a release oil like WD40 or maybe AC90 but try not to get too much on the outside of the barrel, or have you tried bore gel on it to see if that loosens them?

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    you could try freezing the barrels. then pour boiling water over the barrels (choke end) without getting water inside for about 10 secs. this should expand the barrel and leave the choke cold. Try to remove before the temperature equalises.

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    Going to leave it soaking overnight see what happens tomorrow looks like it could be a shop trip.

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    Stick barrels in a can of diesel over night to soak
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    warm your barrell up with a hairdryer for a few minutes then undo with choke key, simples!

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