I have just picked this up off a US site, the company who makes the Thompson/contender single shot rifles have launched there own bolt action rifle called the Icon. It has a number of interesting features:-

A aluminium bedding block in a wooden stock secured by 3 Hexagonal stock screws (instead of the usual 2).

The barrel has 5R rifling (this is were the barrel looks like a 50p piece when looked at on the inside instead of the usual cut rifling grooves. This gives better velocity and leads to less fouling of the barrel.)

The receiver is machined with integral weaver scope mounts slots in the top.

It has a detachable magazine.

The bolt has 3 locking lugs and a 60 degrees lift, it is also a control feed action.

It has a extra safety lever that allows you to have bolt lock down or have the bolt operate with the normal safety on.

It is available in a new calibre “.30 TC” this gives 30-06 performance from a .308 length case.

And all for $800 so that will be after normal mark up £800-1000 to me and you UK riflemen.