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Thread: USA Coyotes and Bobcat Hunt

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    USA Coyotes and Bobcat Hunt

    Hey guys,

    we are here in the USA at the moment looking to put together a couple of interesting hunts for UK stalkers.

    We have been tempted by a week hunting coyotes, and bobcats over baits for a week. All food lodging and hunting would be include at a target price of 1,250 for the week.

    If we get the dates right then we can hunt day and night although this is predominantly a night time hunt over baits.

    looking at early feb next year.

    Let us know you thoughts.

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    I'd be interested in more in depth details on this please. I've been to texas before pig sticking with dogs and had a ball of a time so would love to hunt state side again if all works out.
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    We can also squeeze in a trip here - - apparently it makes Bass Pro and Cabelas look under stocked, so we thought we'd get some gun-related retail therapy in on the side.

    For a bit of added fun, our guides - pitying us for our lack of a constitutional Second Amendment - are keen to show off some American firepower to their British cousins and will be bringing an armoury of semi-automatic rifles, assorted handguns, riot guns and the odd civil war relic for us to play with on the camp range when not hunting. There may be the odd target stuffed with Hillbilly Dynamite too...

    Night vision and TI kit is encouraged - the more technical you want your hunting to be, the better it is.

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    I would be interested in this, it has been something I have wanted to do for a long time. Could you send me some more information if possible. Thanks

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    Certainly interested, and would welcome further details please.

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    Hiya guys,

    I'm talking to the outfitters as we go to get information. We should have it all lined up by the end of the week.

    We will need 5-10 guys to make the discounted rate work for them

    It it will be bunk house accommodation with an option to upgrade at a cost to be discovered to a local motel 12miles away. You can hunt daytime and night time and can get multiple shots each day. The hunt will take place in Maine, where there is no limit on coyotes or bobcats. Chances on bobcats will not be frequent but there is enough of a population to make for reasonable expectations that the group will see some over the week. We are looking at early feb 15, as the season closes on the 14th feb for the bobcats

    we have also confirmed that sidearms and some more exotic hardware will be available for those that want to play with it. Ammo will be supplied at cost. There will also be the opportunity to shoot bows. Pointy green felt hats are optional...

    Let me know if you have any specific questions but I will update with info I think is of interest as we go on this thread.


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    Now ya got me real interested, what is min calibre spec and whats the legals like for taking your own firearm ? I know some higher end NV is a no no for in and out of USA

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    You can bring your own firearms. These animals are much bigger than a fox so I would suggest the 22 centre fires. No moderated rifles are allowed in the states.

    we should be able to fly into the states onvirgin. We have a corporate account with them, so they deal with the firearms and don't charge anything unlike BA.

    who is happy to share a bunk house and who would rather stay in a motel?

    keep in mind this is the depths of winter and tonight we are seeing 12 degrees Fahrenheit so it can get cold!!

    There will be heaters in the blinds.


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    Taking rifles is straightforward - we'll sort out your paperwork with ATF.

    For coyote and bobcat, any of the better foxing calibres will be fine - .204, .223, .22-250, .243 etc. i'll get all the rules sorted for NV and TI - the only absolute no-no is moderators.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallow Buck View Post

    we should be able to fly into the states onvirgin. We have a corporate account with them, so they deal with the firearms and don't charge anything unlike BA.
    I didn't know Virgin don't charge for taking firearms, i will look at going with them next time i fly, thanks for the info.


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