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Thread: New Deer stalking Syndicate

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    New Deer stalking Syndicate

    I am in the process of tendering for two leases.

    One is over 2300 acres with both Red and Roe
    The other is just under 2000 acres with just Roe

    Both are situated within 30 miles of Moniaive South West Scotland, and have easy access.
    There is the usual criteria to meet:
    1. Min DMQ 1
    2. All rifles to be moderated
    3. Commitment to the cull targets.
    4. Progression to DMQ2

    Anyone intersted should PM me.


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    AAhhh Don't Ya just love being in the wrong place at the wrong time Niel!

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    Hi Neil
    This must be FC land be careful a few years ago we looked at about 2000 acres not far from there.
    We went to view it and there were deer everywhere so we said we would have it, Won the tender.
    It took the FC 2 months to do the paperwork and when we went to stalk it the FC had put contractors on in the time it took to do the paper work and cleared the area of most of the deer.

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    I echo keith's experience i went on to my lease 6 years ago and met to Rangers on there way out with eight roe lamped. They said they were just cutting through. For me its time to keep clear of FC ground and let them control there own deer problem. You will get more deer stalking taking let days or On small farm areas.
    Most syndicate places will cost in excess of 600 pounds a season with all the strings attached and at the price of 60 per stalk with a guide there is no comparison.

    Happy new year Aaron

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    Morning Again
    We now stalk Tillhill, Fountain and Scottish Woodlands no such problems.

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    is it standard on FC leases now that everyone must take a nice well balanced good looking rifle and turn it into a fence post by putting a moderator on it? not heard that one before!

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    Has been for a while H and S and with the freedom to roam we can't be frightening the walkers with a 270 booming in the next ride can we

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    still available

    is it still available I am a level 2 stalker also have a mate level 1 nearly level 2 would be interested
    my name is rob you can contact on 07831805100 / 07940442554

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    Been to view some of the recent Fc permissions and most would appear to have been lamped.

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    griff what areas exactly are these,I have shot on a few FC leases that could be in the area you are talking about and I know that the commission guys are hitting areas in the south west hard just now as they are out 5 or 6 nights a week.

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