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Thread: O rings for a wildcat moderator

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    O rings for a wildcat moderator

    Hi there
    Does anyone out there know the sizes of the O ring for a wildcat predator 8. moderator. I have seen them in UK custom but they are 8 for a set.

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    mark do you have the original one? pop down to any engineering workshop and they will source one for pence or buy it in a long length and a spot of proper glue and bobs yer ferkel.
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    Which wildcat mod is it for I may have one you can have?

    regards Tristram

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    Bought it with the rifle I stripped it down a noticed most of the seals probably need replacing

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    Get on the web and search for o rings/ bearings suppliers There is a very good place which for the momment i cannot recall they sell every concievable sort of o ring about 10p each.


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    Hi Mark

    The Wildcat has 3 different size O rings in 2 thickness's,

    Small ring - o/d 30mm i/d 26mm 1.8mm thick

    Medium ring - o/d 42mm i/d 38mm 1.8mm thick

    Large ring - o/d 48mm i/d 43mm 2.3mm thick

    All dimensions approx: as measured off my spare set.

    I keep mine covered in silicone grease which seems to work very nicely, haven't lost one yet!.

    Hope it helps
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