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Thread: Dm80 Moderator .22

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    Dm80 Moderator .22

    For sale is my DM80 Moderator this was on my CZ 22 Hornet .
    Not sure what thread it is but screwed straight on my CZ .
    Great mods the DM80's easy to clean got couple scuff marks on it.
    This is on my certificate.
    looking for 100 ovno
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    Not one I know. Is this an end mounted or over barrel type? I'm after a mod for my 222 but it's a BSA. Can you find out what your thread is?

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    It's an over barrel mod and they are very good I have one of these on my S&W M&P15-22 and a full bore version on my .308 Howa.
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    +1 very good, I have one on my Tikka T3 varmint in .243

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    I also have one on my hornet great bit of kit

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    Is this cal specific? only for .22?I'm after a cheap mod for my .243 doesn't matter about the thread as my rifle isn't screw cut yet.
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