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Thread: Flir PS.32 Thermal scope

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    Flir PS.32 Thermal scope

    For sale Flir PS32 as new condition used a couple of times extremely light weight unit will spot a roe sized deer at about 300 yards and a red at about 500 but will view further depends on conditions. Isnt limited to night time. I purchased it last year from Pass thermal and i shall provide receipt box and contents im looking at about 1500 cheers
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    Hi have you still got flir ps32 for sale if so please call me 07967 592274 many thanks mark

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    Might want to introduce yourself as per the rules and while you're at it, I'd delete your phone number personally, anyone could get hold of it and use it....this is a public forum...
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    Still for sale if anyone looking for a decent light hardly used thermal

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    Still for sale 1200 Ono if anyone interested please contact me here anytime cheers

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    Can I ask a question..?
    Never having used a thermal imager, would one be able to scan into hedge rows, bracken and general wooded areas and be able to pick up the thermal images of deer at up to 250/300 metres?
    Obviously you cannot see through tree trunks but what about greenery and tree top canopy? - Thinking here when on a hillside looking down onto wooded areas.
    Also how long does the battery last?

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