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Thread: Heym sr20/21

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    Heym sr20/21

    Just testing the water to see if anyone has a heym collecting dust ,I should have purchased woodmasters last yr so looking for
    sr 20/21 Cal 308
    iron sights (not screw cut )
    Pref with rings
    basically an untouched unfettled rifle
    i don't have the variation yet so no particular rush Just see what's out there as Ive tried the usual sites and it's either brand new or tampered with.
    ps I don't want one from the importers .
    kind regards
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    Speaking as the current owner of the above mentioned rifle, I'm enormously grateful you didn't buy it! It's a very nice rifle indeed.

    Look on gunstar - last time I checked there was at least one.

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    Kicked myself since mungo ,glad you like it ,the gunstar guns are tinkered with there is a screw cut rifle or two something I'd like to move away from on this occasion but hopefully the SD will come up with something .cheers

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