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Thread: Barrel swap

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    Barrel swap

    My Rifle is an R8 Blaser.. I have on it a 308, I also have 243 T3, what are the dangers would it be possible to load a 308 into a 243 barrel with the obvious result, and would it be possible to load a 243 into a 308 with the less obvious result, what would be likely to happen. I ask because I am thinking of changing the T3 for a 243 barrel, thanks Chris.

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    308 shouldn't/won't chamber in a 243 barrel
    the 243 will chamber and you can shoot it without much drama, the case will fireform to the 308 chamber, the bullet will rattle its way down the .308 barrel and tumble into whatever target it is pointed at

    Repeated use in this way could screw up the throat of the 308 barrel
    few videos on YouTube of such things

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    Thanks bewsher I don't expect it to happen at all, I just wasn't sure of the end result. thanks

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