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Thread: taking a rifle with me to australia

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    taking a rifle with me to australia

    Has anybody taken a rifle with them for hunting purposes to Australia, specifically Victoria, Queensland and the northern territories.
    Just wondered how much hassle it is likely to be.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Victoria Australia Sambar country.
    For me to get a rifle in I have to use a B709A form,you probably will to Paul.

    Going to NZ from here I have to 'export' my rifle and the fugn stupidly ' import' my rifle back into Australia...whoever thought this up deserves a piece of poly pipe whacked up his freckle then filled with barbed wire then the poly pulled out.

    Get onto the Aus police websites and the relevant gov game sites for each state as they differ,I have an idea as a visitor you are only able to have a shooters licence for a fortnight inn Vic...plan wisely thus.

    I`m surprised that all those experts elsewhere here in Oz havent passed on their advice mate.

    follow the links etc

    1. DEPI - Game hunting in Victoria

      [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.498039)]


      [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.498039)][/COLOR]
      Victoria has some of the best game hunting opportunities in Australia. There are open seasons and bag limits in Victoria for game deer, duck and quail, these ...[/COLOR]

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    Thanks John.
    Grant (samhuntvic) is sorting the Vic hunting licence out for me, but suggested i borrow one of his rifles for the sambar hunt. Likewise the guy in queensland, I have already arranged to use one of Micks for the buffalo in the NTs, but would really prefer to use my own 7RM for the sambar and pigs if it isnt to much hassle mate.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    as posted above its a B709A to fill in, plus an international visitor permit, they also like to have confirmation of your reason, competition/booked hunt, but they may make exceptions, max is 3mths ticket, this is for Queensland and you have to fly into that state, if not contact the interstate firearms registries. and its a minimum of 28 days prior to travel that they need the info. I believe you need special permission & permits from the Aboriginal council to enter the NT now so best check that. They will need details of storage, security, references current permits etc, a fee and any number of other stuff.

    Alternatively fly into Victoria, buy a really nice present for Johngryphon & take him up the never know.

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    thanks Rick.
    The buffalo hunt (cull hunt) is in Arnhems land and all permissions etc will be in place. (chopper flight in, then 3/5 days roughing it).
    I hope to share a beer with John whilst in Victoria, if he isnt off globe trotting, chances are he will be in europe, LOL.
    The visit into queenland is an invite to do a couple of days hunting dingos and wild dogs, then a quick fishing trip and take in the barrier reef as well.
    Sounds as if the paperwork is going to be fun.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Where in Arnhem Land you going? get some fishing in up there its mental, just dont stand to close to the edge...plenty of dogs in Queensland, you will make lots of friends getting a few of them .

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    I will get back to you with the location in Arnhems land, Rick, although im not a fisherman i will be having a go at it. The guy who is guiding sent me a photo of a duck hunt where the crocs were getting the ducks that dropped in the water. cant wait to get over there.
    I believe there as some really big dog packs in QL, so another first for me. the only wild dogs i have seen usually have a junkie in tow. LOL
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Had a great time in Arnhem land towards end of the last century - buffs & hogs. Good fishing on barramundi too, but advice to keep an eye open for sal****er crocs is wise counsel.Seriously.
    No prob with paperwork as outlined above, & I still have a nice little plastic credit card size temp firearms permit.
    Only hassle was Royal Brunei leaving my 470 double behind on the apron on my outward flight @ change of planes in Brunei.....but it was safely delivered way out in the bush 3 days after my arrival!

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    Each state you mention may require a different firearms licence. Our normal residents firearms licences are usually recognised by other states, but check that "visitors permits" are recognised interstate, as its very ambiguous. Most states require a genuine reason to issue a visitors permit, this is usually in the form of participation in a recognised clubs activity (recognised club hunts are usually fine), or a "promise of business" letter to a recognised licensed hunting guide. Licensed hunting guides are allowed to assist with your application in most states, but they usually must have a "promise of business".

    Bringing a firearm in & out is several other sets of paper work & most overseas visitors borrow a rifle when here particularly if traveling to several states as we don't have a national registry. Firearms are state law & each has very different sets of requirements & the wheels turn slowly as they are badly underfunded/staffed & most still work on the old "XP ?" system.

    Allow plenty of time, consider if its worth bringing your own firearms, but do get visitors firearms permits for the states you are traveling too. It's not worth the risk to use a firearm here without one.

    IMO NSW is the worst state to get a visitors permit & to import a firearm if anyone is considering this state. We have a working group at parliament ATM, looking at the regs with the view to encouraging tourism, by streamlining the visitors permits if shooting under the supervision of a licensed hunting guide or firearms instructor. This isn't going to bring any relief in the short term though.

    Good Luck

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    Victoria Australia Sambar country.
    Quote Originally Posted by rick6point5 View Post
    Alternatively fly into Victoria, buy a really nice present for Johngryphon & take him up the never know.
    Geezus Rick you hit the nail on the head there mate..I just have in mind the ideal 'bribe' for Paul to use on me,it will save me going through with my order i rang about yesterday.

    Paul,this is the bribe that will unlock ALL of the Spot "x`s" I know of ha ha

    The Edge
    Dont dither,take the shot!

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