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Thread: Getting it completely wrong.

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    Getting it completely wrong.

    07.30. Got to bed too late last night. Dealing with emails and clients till after 11am. Got my kit ready set alarm for 05.00. And was awake at 1, 2, 3 am and sound asleep when the alarm went off. Dragged myself out of my pit. Coffee into flask and away. At the woods soon after 5.30. Gorgeous red sky. No wind well faintly from the east methinks.

    Binoculars still on the kitchen table - oh well I have two perfectly good eyes. Slowly walk around the end of the wood to the east end, swing round to come over the brow into wind. 50 yards in wind swings 180 degrees. Too late now as committed. Ten minutes later hear a doe bark - she's got my smell bugger.

    Heard a couple of shots from the other side of the valley. Nothing seen my side.

    Decided to try the waiting game looking down over a number of deer runs and grassy glade. Half an hour later am trying the SD trick. It's a bit like the kit Kat and coffee trick, or the I need a pee and am in waders trick when wildfowling.

    But now 07.50 and it hasn't worked yet.

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    08.10. Well I have seen lots of woodland birds busily going about their business - tree creeper included. Suns behind cloud and it's cold. I'm hungry, but suppose should give it another ten minutes. Got a green aphid walking across my hand. Suspect the deer are lying up somewhere by now.

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    08.25. Been watching a pair of starlings bringing worms to a hole in tree - must have chicks. If their chicks can have breakfast so can I. Going to wander back to the car and call it a day! The start of the I'm giving up up unloading rifle and walking back to car technique!!!

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    Sometimes, it's just nice to be out in the fresh air, as you've found out!

    At least you've made the effort.

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    And the last trick sort of worked. Two bucks ran out across a silage field 800 yards away on neighbours ground. And spotted lots of deer on the way back home. But yes nice to be out and as they say about if you don't put your hook in the water you won't catch any fish.

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    Now - that's what I ( but it seems ever fewer others ) call stalking.
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    Yes and please can somebody remind me what that long wood and metal thing we carry is for? Seems a useless piece of kit!!!

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    Can't help if you chose to take a Blaser with you

    Otherwise keep in mind '... we do not hunt to kill, but kill to have hunted...' Ortega Y Gasset
    Stalking and Courses
    BASC Approved Trainer & Assessor. Cairngorm National Park Authority Approved Supplier. Supported by Sauer Arms
    See you at Kelso, Scone & Moy 2016

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    No don't use a Blaser - every body has them - I carry a fine hand built Ferlach rifle, at least it's light weight and a pleasure to carry.

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    Trust me, you are not alone on these sort of outings. But that's hunting

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