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Thread: Mark V .257 Weatherby Magnum

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    Mark V .257 Weatherby Magnum

    For sale is my Mark V .257 Weatherby Magnum. Now called the Lazermark on Weatherby's web site.
    I bought this on Holts auction a few years back and although all the blueing was excellent I don't do shiny so had it matt black cerakote
    finish. I bought a new McMillan stock for it and had it pillar bedded.
    It shoots 1/2" groups at a 100yds with 117gr Sierra Spitzer over 68.5gr of H1000. Shoot anymore than a 3 shot group in a short space of time and the 4th shot will go 2" high and right. It is a light weight sporter barrel and will heat up quickly, so not for prolonged range work.

    The rifle, leupold QR mounts and Weatherby scope in the ornate wood stock is 1250.00.
    Redding neck size, seater and FL sizer dies + fire formed brass + 200 new brass and some loaded rounds are included in the price of 1250.00
    Add another 450.00 if you want the McMillan stock as well. RFD charges and postage are not included.

    Thanks for looking


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    Hi Max
    Is this still for sale?
    .220 swift

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