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Thread: CZ 455 bolt cycles out the back and also self discharges...

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    CZ 455 bolt cycles out the back and also self discharges...

    I have had this gun for over a year, but never been happy with the action, although the accuracy is exceptional.

    The bolt started to just come straight out the back in my hand on cycling after about 8 weeks and I took back to shop who fiddled about and didn't do an awful lot, then returned it to the importer, before returning to me and it was ok for about 3 days. I then had the Timney fitted to improve the stock trigger and Riflecraft had a look.

    It was much better trigger wise but still occasionally cycled out the back so to speak. Now it does it every time unless you are very gentle and also self-dishcarges to boot, so is bloody lethal from that perspective. I'm going to take it in to a gunsmith again, but to be honest I have lost confidence in the gun.

    Anyone else had problems with the CZ455? It seems to be universally praised, so maybe I got a Friday gun?

    EDIT: it's the 22lr
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    Hi, i have a 455 and have had for 2 years from new. I have never had an issue with the bolt. I think this needs sending back and sorting. i have the stock trigger, with the timney do you have to pull the trigger to release the bolt?? Seems to be a problem with the lug that holds the bolt in.

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    Srry to add mine is 17hmr

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    i have a cz 455 and i have never had any trouble with the bolt or any thing else. i think it must be a Friday should get sorted under warranty

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    As above I've had the 455 thumb hole varmint 22lr for 3 years and never had this problem, fitted the yo Dave trigger kit and it's all fine, bolt felt a bit gritty to begin with but nice and smooth now

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    Ok thanks guys - yes I think it is the lug that's the problem, just doesn't catch.
    "Jenkins! Chap over there with the wings - five rounds, rapid"

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    Just noticed the self discharges bit - is that while it's cocked and live with the firing pin dropping without pulling the trigger? If so I wouldn't use it again till the shop or importer replace or 100% resolve the problem. That could end in a total disaster of epic proportions!!

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    If you have changed the complete trigger mech then that suggests a fault with the bolt.
    If you can try a fresh bolt this my highlight the fault.
    My 455 thumbhole has been fine.

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    Precisley Bob. Scared the **** out of me.
    "Jenkins! Chap over there with the wings - five rounds, rapid"

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    send it back to edgar brothers with no exception,

    new rifle or it gets reported to the HSE.


    very very dangerous.
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