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Thread: mounts for cz 527

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    mounts for cz 527

    Im looking to get a new set of mounts for a cz 527. i was thinking of sportsmatch, has anyone ever used these on a 527 and if so what do you think of them.

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    I had them with no problems whatsoever but ended up buying one of these when I changed to Leupold scope.

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    How important is the aesthetic of the replacement mounts and rings?


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    yeah gone for the weaver base myself. with some vortex mounts. works well for me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by soother223 View Post
    yeah gone for the weaver base myself. with some vortex mounts. works well for me...
    My CZ527 American isn't drilled & tapped for Weaver bases or rail. It's dovetailed for rings only (CZ are supplied).

    Wouldn't want to raise the sight line any higher than it is.
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    I had a set on my cz527 .22 hornet and have had a set on my .22lr for several years. I only use sportsmatch mounts, they do everything I need them too and are a sensible price too.

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