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Thread: DSC1- Any recommendations near Bristol?

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    DSC1- Any recommendations near Bristol?

    Could anyone recommend a DSC1 course provider near Bristol?

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    Ade (270wsm) has been running some DSC1 courses from Barry shooting range send him a message?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Fester View Post
    Could anyone recommend a DSC1 course provider near Bristol?
    Please don't take this the wrong way Uncle Fester because your post is one of a number of similar ones, but why does everyone want to do a DSC1 on their own doorstep? Why tie it down to Bristol why don't you just say in the South West? Yes most of us dislike having to travel but sometimes you have to put yourself out a bit.

    There are numerous training providers in that part of the country, and I mean numerous. Have a look on the BASC, NGO and BDS websites also speak with Sikamalc, Jelen and HME, or one or two others who advertise on this site and see what they have planned in your area in the future. You never know you might be able to tag onto an already planned course. You could even gather a group together yourself and organise a course and get them to come to you.
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    If your within shooting distance of Barry South Wales. I can Recommend the one at Barry Tunnel Range run by Ade 270WSM and abley assisted by Roger Jones.We did one a couple of weeks ago there and I can only say they were helpful to Nth degree!Can't praise them enough!Also the owner of the range and the DMQ assessors were excellent! It took me a long time to make the decision having stalked for 25 years previously but it was well worth the effort!Do it there or somewhere else but do it!

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    Try the BDS they run DSC1 courses at Cirencester.
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    Hi Uncle Fester I recommend you make the trip over to Hampshire and give yourself a little holiday with like minded people !!!
    Atb Dave (Jelen deer services ) 01264 811155 or 07707 118612

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    Or even closer - no need for a holiday. Corinium Range at Kemble October and we get to do it together LOL
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    +1 for corinium range ,pauls sound as a pound and the cakes are bostin.just give HME a pm ,great facilitys and free sarcasm too

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