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Thread: cz 455 mod

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    cz 455 mod

    bought my 17hmr cz 455 varmint thumbhole 16 ".. just wondering what the factory thread is as i cant find it anywhere with the bumf that came with it? and in your opinions what is the best mod to buy?

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    it should be 1 inch unf sak mod would be my opnion light, cheap and does the job well

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    I have a Sak and an Ase Utra Dual which I swap occasionally between my .17HMR and my .22 . On the HMR I can detect little difference in suppression between them.
    The Sak although not sexy is very good value for money and easy to clean. If you go for a more complicated baffle set up like the Ase Utra Dual its a nightmare to clean and the HMR round is a pretty dirty one. Leave the Ase too long and you'll have a job removing the internal parts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sir-lamp-alot View Post
    it should be 1 inch unf sak mod would be my opnion light, cheap and does the job well
    that should read 1/2" unf my old mate. how the F are you

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    same as bobjs 1/2 inch unf,

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    Got a Scirrocco on mine - can't compare to the SAK as not used one, but it shows a bit of sign of cutting on the aluminium baffles (it has 3 s/s then the rest are ali) - what my RFD has done with his is swap them all to stainless, I will be doing this when they wear out (several thousand rounds) and it will be tickety boo.

    Have used a parker hale too from my 22 and the Scirocco seems quiter.

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    +1 for the Sciroccco

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    Just make sure the Scirocco is screwed up tight, becomes a bugger to get the baffles apart if left loose.

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