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Thread: budget scope for night vision

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    budget scope for night vision

    just wondering what you chaps would recomend me for a budget (250 tops) scope to go with my starlight arrow which im waiting for, its to go on my .17hmr if it helps and with this being my first taste of night vision any help will be apreciated

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    would like to know too.
    Have narrowed it a bit.
    ideally light weight, parralax adj, fixed power 6 or 10 x 40. illuminated dot
    smooth eyepiece. low profile adj turrets

    definitely not a mamba lite, although highly recommended be some.
    would love to try a burris eliminator even though it fails most of the critera

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    You could always ask Starlight, as being the guys that make them they must of tested them on various scope??

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    I use a bushnel scope with front parallax a just mentioned with my archer and it's fantastic i was thinking of trying a richer optic to see what ther like but haven't got around to it the guys at starlight will tell you leopuld vx3 scopes are the best with the archers from memory
    hope this helps abt adrian

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