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Thread: Steyer Mannlicher or not??

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    Steyer Mannlicher or not??

    I have read a few threads about the Steyer, mainly the pro-hunter synthetic. I was about to buy a wooden Short-stock Mannlicher in .243 but am being put off by all the comments. Thoughts??

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    Got two fine work horse the stocks been done to death on here the MK 2 has no real issues other than they warm up quick so if you like paper punching !
    i take several rifles to the range so they have time to cool down .three shots max for my 6.5 -308 then cool
    Second hand they're cheap 500 Range

    The classic half stock ( wood ) is an attractive looking rifle

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    Excellent barrel, action, trigger safe bolt system. Very accurate as long as you do your bit. Built in Europe buy a top quality manufacturer. Don't list to the bull that's talked on here. I have a pro hunter mountain in synthetic mk2 and it's a very hood rifle. I think the wood stocks are also very pretty and next time round will be changing my synthetic for a wood stock version.

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    I've had 4 or 5. All but one were SSGs the one I have still is the sporting version of the SSG (Mod M Proffesional). The predecessor to the Pro Hunters I think. I prefer the SSG style safety to the roll/wheel safety on the current sporting rifles. The stock on them is one thing that people pick up on as being a bit cheap. I don't think they are much to worry about. The only stock I have had any issue with was the Model M as it was flexing on to the barrel. It was easily sorted with a bedding job which extended up into the stock to stabilise it. It now shoots like a dream. .... and its up for sale by the way as its not in a caliber I want to keep. They are good rifles.

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    Personally I like either the pre SBS models or the SSG. I have borrowed the pro hunter on occasion and it works fine. At the end of the day it's you that is going to shoot it. Get to a shop and compare it with a Sako, Tikka, Sauer, Blaser etc and see what floats your boat.

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    I have a model m also in .270, after a good clean it shoots 3/4 inch groups, points well and holds well! They are out there as real bargains if you look.

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    I have a .243, and .270 Pro hunter, mountain, both are excellent, like some people on here I have used Steyr for years, no problems at all!!

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    I'd put a Luxus stutzen in 222 and of 1970's vintage on my ticket and that's about it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    I'd put a Luxus stutzen in 222 and of 1970's vintage on my ticket and that's about it.

    I had one, and also one in 22/250, both were great, but time to move on, thats why I bought the pro hunter mountain in .243 & .270. no regrets!!

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    I've had several in the past and have two wooden stocked ones at the moment ( .222 ultralight and .308 classic ). The .222 is frighteningly accurate! Wooden stocked mannlichers always feel like well made, accurate rifles and they generally have very smooth triggers. Worth thinking about I would say - there's a new model coming out so might be some bargains!

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