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Thread: Krieghoff k80 barrels

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    Krieghoff k80 barrels

    I have 2 k80 barrels for sale, both just serviced by Alan Rhone & not fired a shot since. The first set is a set of 28" skeet ported bottom barrel with tula choking 800 ono
    The second set is a set of 30" very flat rib sporter/game m/choke barrels. the chokes are Pro choke we think but it only has 2 chokes 1/4 & 1/4 would make a good game gun set up on your k80 action 650 ono
    both 12g
    pics to follow

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    Are the Tula skeet barrels still for sale?

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    Hi Doc 1882, Yes they are stil for sale. They are with my friend in Buckinghamshire atm as he said a mate of his was interested .But First to pay will have them. many thanks Kev

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    Hi Kev

    Okey dokey...

    I'm at something of a disadvantage. Obviously they're mechanically A1 since their visit to Alan Rhone. Do you have the pictures mentioned above? Failing that... an expanded description: are the bores clear of imperfections? Is the external finish worn? (would you say 95% or better of the original bluing remaining). No dings in the rib? Stuff like that... you get the drift. Is it the wide-ish flat rib pattern?

    If I have additional info I can make the "o.n.o." How would you prefer payment?


    Doc 1882

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