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Thread: stainless table edinburgh

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    stainless table edinburgh

    just a heads up for anyone around the edinburgh/lothians looking for a larder stainless table.

    amazing value!! don't have the time to go myself this weekend, but if you do go, feel free to pick me one up as a thank you for the heads up ;-) as you'd otherwise pay in the 100 to 300 range normally.

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    thanks for the head's up.just been and put one on the roof-rack.

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    Righto fbrad, will I get two on the roof rack or am I just being greedy? Picking them up tomorrow. Thanks PKL, we owe you.

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    they are roughly 1800mm long x 800mm high x 600mm depth and about 60 kg weight...i've a 4x4 and it took up the full roof rack.
    she might have some slightly smaller ones but i think two would be too much ..i think a van would be needed.
    hope this helps,

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    I think we have agreed on the wee ones. Hope it doesn't mean two bloody runs!

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    Greedy gits they're all gone! If you feel you need to off load one, cash waiting here!lol

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    Not guilty Bas, I only took one, but very happy. This week I've bought a drinks chiller, re gassed, ready to go and this table. Seek and ye shall find indeed. Cracking table I must say, not to rub salt in!

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