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Thread: RCBS Chargemaster VS Lyman Gen 6

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    RCBS Chargemaster VS Lyman Gen 6

    I am travelling to the states next week and am wondering which of these to come back with.
    The RCBS has good reviews but is a more bulky firstly to transport and secondly on my limited bench space. I like the idea of the compact gen 6 but it has no trickle facility so must be spot on to .1gr every time as will be reloading 17 hornet mainly.

    Any opinions much appreciated


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    RCBS just works. Suggest you Google the reviews for nearly every other brand.
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    Lyman gen6 for me
    Accurate compact & I don't need x amount loads saved etc

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    defintyl;y gen 6 half the price twice the machine
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    Hornady Lock-N-Load auto charge dispenser, has a trickle function and is around $190, mine is very good
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    After seeing a gen 6 working and its kitted out with the latest anti interference technology would never buy the other mentioned, I would have one if free, shant deny that but only if free

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    I have 4 left
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    I have 4 left
    To be nosey how much are they.Thanks

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    249-50 posted
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    Uk spec & back up
    Buy from spud = piece of mind & guid deal

    What I did
    Love mine

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