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Thread: HP Compaq 6830s 17" Business Class Laptop

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    HP Compaq 6830s 17" Business Class Laptop

    Daughter is off to Uni so one too many Laptops in the house!

    HP Compaq 6830s Business Class Laptop

    Had very little use since bought, has the usual slight surface marks but nothing deep or bad

    2.26GHz Intel Core2 Duo CPU
    4Gb DDR2 Memory
    320Gb Sata Hard Drive
    DVD/CDRom Writer/reader

    Currently installed with Windows 8.1 but can easily load Windows 7 Home Premium if preferred.

    Comes with Soft Skin case
    Mains Adaptor/Charger
    Spare 5200MaH Battery (new)

    225 + 15 Insured P&P
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