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Thread: Hollow points

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    Hollow points

    Hi, I was just wondering who else uses hollow points out of a centerfire for foxing. I have been using Sierra 75gr hollow points out of my .243 with some good success, but I never really hear of anyone else using them on this forum.i just wanted to know if I'm the only one

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    Speer TNT 70gn Fox DRT


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    Sierra 85gr HPBT Gameking does it all. Fallow Bucks to Foxes, if you put it in the right place.

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    barns vg's .223 then 85hp .243 now 130 hp in the 6.5x47 jelly bags lol

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    25g berger flat base HP from a 17 Rem. It's fab!! Found this cheeky chappie within 20 yards of my front door
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    75 grn Sierra flat base HP is devastating on foxes in 243 - been using it for many years! Never had a fox get up after being hit with one! Easy half inch groups when loaded with N140 at 96% of Viht full load. Has worked fine through 4 different rifles. Certainly no need to spend more money on expensive alternatives.


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    Tried 130 Gn Sierra Gameking in the 260. Same POI as NAB , good results on Fallow and Fox , but at less than 50% of the cost? happy days!

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    55g Berger Flat Base Varmint out of my 22BR, very very effective.


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    sierra HPBT gameking .243 Muntjack and fox.

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    Speer TNT green 43gr sat in federal premium factory loads are v good and run out of my .22-250 @ 4060fps.

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