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Thread: old landy (defender)

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    old landy (defender)

    thinking of getting an old landy for stalking. have heard some pros and cons, and was wondering what you could get away with spending
    all ideas info welcome

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    I have a M Reg (94) Landrover Discovery 2ltr MPI (PETROL) I get between 22 and 31 MPG out of it, (Same as most 200 and 300 TDI's) cost me about 700 2 years ago, reasonably neat and tidy, runs on 60/40 tyres (60% road 40% off road). Does me, never been stuck.

    Down side, no air con, no cruise control.

    Does me just fine

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    I am new to this game and have only been shooting for about 18 months. This season I got invited into a shoot so I had to get something I had the deer and the birds and couldn't use the company car really. I bought an old Landy 1966 which somebody had spent a lot of time on. Defender front wings, grill, doors and put an old J series turbo diesel engine in. I get about 25mpg it will go anywhere, I can put anything in it. Yes it did cost me a bit more 1750, but cost me 109 to insure and free road tax. I have had it about 4 months.

    Down side there is no creature comforts in fact there is no comforts except a very good heater. Not sure I would go any distance in it, haven't tried yet. But for most of what I do its working out fine so far.


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    How long is a peice of string ? it really depends on its previous life engine wise the 200/300 tdis are really reliable units my last 1995 def 90 topped 200.000mls and the guy I sold it too finds its still gives good reliable transport ideal for shooting, if I was to give you advice on what would be the ideal defender it would be a 300 tdi unit most will have now covered 100,000mls + but as I just mentioned if looked after will last and last now things to look out for there are quite a few, chassis just in front of the rear outriggers and the rear crossmember notorious for rusting through, the steel frames of the doors front and rear fall apart also look for signs of corrosion on the aluminium but some supprisingly good ones out there yet just make sure you give them a good check,bulkhead signs of rust will show along the front air vents below the front screen,gearboxs are pretty good though early ones had a mainshaft problems but that should be sorted as they got older, to do with the transfer gearbox input gear having no oilways and the shaft stripping the splines,engines had a timing belt problem but they will be sorted by now unless you find a really low mile vehicle just make sure the replacment kit was installed, if you dont know what to look for get some one who does get him/her to go with you to give a good overall check of any potential purchase price wise you buy a defender on overall contition not is age, I really miss my 90 never let me down would recommend a defender to anyone but as already said just make sure you know what to look for before you part with the cash!!!all the best
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    Little doubt that as an off road vehicle the Landrover Defender with the right tyres takes some beating. Without going into the problems that you could be buying depending on model I would well advise you to get someone who knows landrovers to go with you to inspect any potential purchase. In the main Defenders are easy to work on and parts are readily available but there are some out there with problems that could put a large dent in your wallet.

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    I gave this some thought a while back Nick and did some looking around as my VW Golf just wasn't up to forest tracks and the like, mostly due to ground clearance. After some consideration I decided that it would be less expensive long term to trade in the Golf for something 4WD and higher rather than to run two cars with two sets of insurance, tax, mot and so on. It was also the case that older cars almost always cost a few quid in repairs over a year.

    I looked at a relatively new LR Discovery (2nd hand) but found the attitude of LR to be awful, absolutely disgraceful, and also the Discovery web forum was a litany of faults and failures plus running costs are well OTT with an oil change costing up to 600. They are a great vehicle but there is no way I'd ever have a LR after what I witnessed. I also looked at Land Cruisers but there aren't many about and most dealers are asking a lot of cash for decent examples, well over the odds, and I'm sure these prices will soften once the school run mums forget about the snow.

    In the end I went for an ex-demo Nissan XTrail (partly as a result of seeing good comments about them on here) with only 10 miles on the clock. It isn't as capable off road as the some of the really serious vehicles but is a lot less costly to keep and it still has 2.5 years of warranty left on it. It drives well on the road and on the first run out I saw 50mpg but so far the average is above 40mpg including short town runs, forest tracks etc. With a decent set of AT tyres I suspect that it will go everywhere I need it to go and, a big plus over the big vans, the boot is plastic lined rather than carpet and appears ideal for throwing a deer in the back. I'm also told that the seats in the XTrail will fold flat and it is long enough to throw down a sleeping bag and sleep in the back.

    Here it is in action on Tuesday, when on my own I don't think I'd take a Disco or LC anywhere that I wouldn't take the XTrail to be honest:

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    Land Rover defender is hobby, not a car. Do not buy it as an everyday vehicle unless you live on farm, on tarmac they are unbearable.

    Disco would be a better compromise if you are determined to ruin your free time.

    Some love them some hate them. If you are good mechanically fill yer boots if not either have a mate that is cheap and handy or dont bother.
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    Get a japanese 4x4 (ie suzuki vitara,toyota hilux,rav4.etc) there a lot easier to live with and easier to repair.

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    Either I've been lucky with my Defender or everyone else is unluck, or just repeating what they've heard. My 1987 90 is my everyday car (I commute in Bristol - shudder) and it goes anywhere it's pointed, it's had the same cheap remould all-terrains for the past 6 years and they're only about half worn. Insurance is 209 quid a year, fully comp. It has a 200TDi engine from a Disco, but only because I wanted to, not needed.

    And anyone who says a Jap 4x4 is easier to repair is in dreamland!

    Do it, you'll never look back!

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    not easier to repair, but you do it a lot less often...

    The jap ones (Toyota and Nissan anyway) are tougher and more reliable, but not always more capable off road. The coil sprung LR takes some beeting for axel articulation, but I still take leafs anytime due to toughness.

    Having said that I love my LRs, and have 1950 80" and use a 1964 SIIA and have wokred on/used many 90/110s

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