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Thread: Thermal Imager

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    Thermal Imager

    Have decided to free up some cash by selling my thermal foxing unit.

    This is a digital unit producing a black and white image of 640x480 and has auto and manual brightness and contrast. The heat signature can be switched between black and white hot at the touch of a button.

    It has three levels of zoom - wide field of view 2x, narrow field of view at 3.3x and an instant doubler giving a maximum magnification of 6.6x. It has a wide range ocular adjustment and full objective focus. Detection ranges of 1200m are achievable for man sized objects, 4200m for a vehicle. Rabbits are visible out to 400m, foxes 800m and Deer over 1000m.

    Runtime is around 7 hours on 4 good quality 18650 batteries.

    This is a tool that's transformed fox control for me, saves loads of time and increases efficiency. You won't believe the stuff you miss with NV and the lamp!

    Looking for 2500, demos welcome.

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    Hi munty

    what's the make of the thermal?

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    Would also like to know make and model please
    All pull together to raise the phoenix from the ashe

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    Made by Raytheon and the model is a PAS13.

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    Hi MH
    just had a Google of the unit, are these available commercially so spares or repairs can be had if ever needed, or is it just a us mil item ?
    All pull together to raise the phoenix from the ashe

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    Hi, which model is the unit - light, medium, or heavy. There are different specs for each, would be interested in it if the medium or heavy spec.
    Regards Sam

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    Unsure if of any help to you but there is a place in Harlow Essex called raytheon who design and male military weapons I believe

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    Yes I believe they are the same company, I'm not sure of the weight but will try to find out which it is. Being a military item I was always confident about its robustness, far more sturdy than the commercially available stuff.

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    Yes they are a top unit, I have the w1000 which I think is a slightly older version. That's why I ask about the model as the image quality on the medium and heavy units is a bit better than my version I believe.

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    I previously owned the W1000 and can confirm that the detection range and clarity of this unit is considerably better along with battery life and robustness. The difference between the light, medium and heavy is purely the front lens size and thus the magnification. This front lens can be changed very easily for the different ones. For normal use like foot hunting and viewing out to 500m the light is in my opinion the best option.

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