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Thread: Wanted Working Teckle Puppy

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    Wanted Working Teckle Puppy

    I am looking for a Working Teckle Puppy. Please pm me if you can help.



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    Believe there's a guy in Scotland breeds these and gwp's, can't remember his first name but pretty sure his sir name is grey
    Sorry I can't be more help
    All pull together to raise the phoenix from the ashe

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    That's the chap
    All pull together to raise the phoenix from the ashe

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    Randolph, I am also looking for a working teckel and I am in the process of identifiying a breeder in Germany and bringing a birch back if you are keen?

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    What sort of money will it cost you to get your pup back to UK, and what weight are the adult Teckels you hope to get a pup from.

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